From lesson plans, classroom worksheets, online activities and access to Kiki’s interactive, learning management system (LMS), your students will be begging for more…

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All the resources you need in one place. With live chat, you can ask questions and get advice from our expert teachers.

Save time and money using Kiki’s predesigned curriculum and course plans

With full access, Kiki’s Adventure provides you with lesson plans, activities classroom material, and interactive software that rivals any SEP/Common Core standards of achievement. Sign up for full access to these amazing resources ... and much more!

More Multimedia resources

Kiki’s Adventure has an LMS that gives you and your students access to interactive activities. You can even create your own activities with our integrated software and network sharing. When you have created an inspiring activity for your students, you can share and download content from our resource library.

More cutting-edge features

More cutting-edge features –Our LMS functions on any device and is user-friendly for your students and their parents to adapt to. Our LMS is an ever-building platform so you’ll never exhaust your education options as long as we build together.