The Enchanted Forest

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful forest, with a lot of trees and flowers of all the colours which gladden the sight to all the people who went there. Every afternoon, the animals of the forest meet there to play.

The rabbits had a race to see who was the first to arrive to the finishing line. The ants made a long line to go to their nest. The colourful birds and bright butterflies land among the bushes.

Everything was peace and tranquillity. Until that… One day, the animals heard noises, strange steps and they got very frightened because the land started to shake.

Suddenly, a very ugly and bad warlock appeared in the forest. He was lived in an abandoned house and was very solitary, that is why he did not have any family nor friends. He was old and crooked, his face was sad and anguished. He did not want anyone to be happy so when he heard the children’s laughter he got so angry that he cried very loud and went running to look for them. Quickly he touched the tree with his wand and after a few minutes all its leaves fell and it lost its colour. He did the same with the flowers, the grass, the animals and the children.

After doing this great and terrible evil deed, he went on laughing and repeating

-Nobody will have life while I am alive!

Many years weny by since nobody treaded that dark and horrible place, until a dove arrived flying and singing cheerfully, but she was very astonished to see that forest that had been beautiful once, full of children, turned into an horrifying forest.

What happened here? All of them lost their colour and movement… It is so gloomy. As if it was nighr! I have to do something for this forest be what it was before with its colour, bright and life… Let’s see, what can I do?”

And after thinking for a while she said.

-“I got it!

The dove landed in the dried branch of a tree that, as if by magic, started to recover its natural colour and moving slowly.

Then she posed in the back of the rabbit and his soft ears started to stand up and little by little, his bright grey colour could be noticed.

And that was how she got all the inhabitants of the forest back to life. The children played and laughed again. They, with the animals, thanked the dove because thanks to her they had gone back to life. The dove was very happy and she went singing.

And the wind came and took the warlock and the tale!