Grasp the imagination of your students and your teachers with special Kiki’s Adventure plans for schools big and small.

Kiki’s Adventures is an interactive storybook-based English platform that lets kids explore English in a fun and dynamic way.

If you’re looking for a way to engage your students and engage them in English, Kiki’s Adventures is a great solution. It’s a platform-based product that gives teachers a way to teach vocabulary in context. It combines a very interactive storybook-style approach with games and activities, with the added bonus of phonics, vocabulary, spelling, reading, deduction, and much more! It’s all here in our unique English learning environment.

Affordable and designed for large classrooms or individual use, it is perfect for instruction in foreign language, ESL and ELL programs.

Fun for everyone

Learning English has never been so easy and enjoyable, with interactive stories, worksheets and extra material for teachers and parents everyone gets involved.

Alligned to international standards

All our programs and courses are aligned to the CEFR and follow strategic steps allowing students to achieve their goals in English.

Certificates and badges

Keep the motivation to learn English at a maximum with our fully integrated system of badges, certificates, leader boards, and diplomas.​
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Fun activities

Each level has 10 unique stories in English for kids to read in English, to listen to English, and to interact in English.

The learning never stops!

With specific exercises for reading, writing, listening and speaking for kids with all levels of English. Learning English online with Kiki’s Adventures is great for kids of all ages.

Each story has online English activities and offline English activities to continue the learning before and after their lessons.

More than 35 years of expertise in English language teaching back up Kiki’s Adventures.

A unique learning model based on interactive storybooks, games, and dynamic activities that develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a fun, exciting, and engaging way that lets students learn, play, and grow in the English language.

Created with and for the most creative people in the world, KIDS!

Kiki's Adventures

English made fun!