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About us

At the heart of Kiki’s Adventures is our inspiration, Kiki—a vibrant 10-year-old who sparked the creation of this platform.

Our stories are woven from the fabric of her life, with Mom and Dad joining in on the adventures.

As a family-run business, we’re real people creating a world of fun and learning. From the stories to the website, Dad manages it all, ensuring a personal touch in every aspect of Kiki’s Adventures.”





Designed for primary school children across the world, our courses align perfectly with CEFR levels (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Dive into a world of songs, games, and stories that make learning English not just educational, but downright enjoyable!

Parents, rest easy!

Our platform provides engaging content, including songs, games, and stories.

We offer parent guides, resources, and a commitment to making the learning experience as enjoyable for your child as possible.

Calling all English teachers!

Kiki’s Adventures welcomes educators with open arms.

Our platform is not just for parents and students—it’s a valuable tool for teachers like you, bringing a blend of expertise and enthusiasm to your English classes.

What our users say!

Discover success stories from parents and students who have embarked on this language-learning journey with Kiki’s Adventures.

Their experiences speak volumes about the effectiveness and joy our platform brings.

La interactividad, la facilidad y atractivo para niños que ayuda a que aprendan inglés divirtiéndose.
Joaquín Sánchez Rodríguez
Robert’s projects are always exciting, made with effort and detail Great job!
Borja Serrano Sánchez
Recomiendo al 100% la escuela en línea. He visto un gran avance en mi hija; la forma de expresarse y pronunciación han mejorado muchísimo. Sin duda es en lo que mejor he invertido para el futuro de mi hija.
Anne Simone

Calling all primary schools!

Our ESL curriculum aligns seamlessly with your educational goals, offering specific learning objectives and CEFR alignment. Create groups, generate reports, and tailor the platform to meet the unique needs of your school.

Flexibility is our forte. Whether it’s group reports or student-specific details, Kiki’s Adventures adapts to cater to the individual needs of schools, ensuring a tailored language-learning experience.


Dive into our blog for educational tips, updates, and insights into ESL for children. Stay connected with the latest happenings at Kiki’s Adventures as we explore the exciting world of language learning together.

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